Sophie Kilic

As a local Dorset girl I have always had a passion for being by the sea. In early days my enthusiasm was stimulated by a fascination for fossils, for the creatures in rock pools and for my love of collecting shells. I still enjoy all of these but over the years, I have developed an obsession for the many moods that the sea creates through the water patterns which it plays. I have recently become fascinated by the patterns made by the foam of the waves both in the sea and on the shoreline and have even learnt to identify a beach by its patterns to some extent. I find the infinite variety of ways in which the waves can strike the shore and leave their mark, even on the same stretch of sand, to be a wonder. Combining this with the light play which intermingles with these patterns and the many ways it can reflect on sand or on water is for me a true inspiration, for the sea is ever changing, a kaleidoscope of pattern and light, a perpetual motion, with every fleeting moment a unique moment of beauty which I feel is worth capturing. My intention is to bring attention to the amazingly complex and intricate beauty of the sand and sea and to create a mood which will find its home with the person who identifies with it.

I am a self-taught artist who has been painting and drawing since I was a child, experimenting with different subjects and mediums. At present I am mainly working with acrylics and painting seascapes, but I also enjoy painting and drawing interesting features of the countryside and architecture. I recently have become more mindful of environmental impact and managed to source eco-acrylic paint, which I have used in my most recent paintings and will continue to use as I try to move towards becoming more of an eco-artist. 

I am not taking regular commissions but if you have a question, please do not hesitate to get in touch.